Easily one of the most kick ass awesome C64 games ever made, and the last ‘big budget’ title to grace the machine. And it’s so cute and adorable! I MEAN JUST LOOK AT THIS:

 But yeah I don’t recall any mention of how the ‘magic dust’ transformed everything into a happy colourful land where the main character ran around like a madman. HMM.

I remember following this game’s development like a hawk in the pages of Zzap! 64 and Commodore Format. It looked amazing an was even using more than 16 colours HOW DO THEY DO THAT MAGIC. I was gutted when they finished the game and then announced the only way you could get it was by mail order from England. For a kid stranded in Australia they may has well have said it would never be available ever. Thank goodness for piracy, eh.

Anyway you should play a Commodore 64 game every day they’re good for you.