I really liked this game a lot when it came out in the arcades. It was during the late ’80s period where all sorts of random things were appearing in the arcade market because 2D games were dying and pretty much any silly idea could have a coin box slapped onto it. This was the era of A.P.B., Paperboy and Klax.

These days if Toobin’ was to be brought back the two guys would be buffed up testosterone dudes who should mutant nazi crocodiles with space grenades made from dolphin teeth. And they would swear and have sex with aliens for no apparent reason.

Still though, a bit of en environmental message wouldn’t go astray. They just threw a ton of Coke cans down that river.

I even ended up making a clone of this game with the Shoot ‘Em Up Construction Kit, but it wasn’t especially good. Still it was a good way to spend a couple of days. I wonder if I still have the original somewhere…