Oh man this game you guys, this game.

New Zealand Story is almost exactly like how I imagine every game should be. It’s not quite Rainbow Islands, but it’s bloody close and so you should really make time to play it at some point.

The section where you get eaten by a whale (here portrayed by Peter Jackson for some reason I thought was funny back when I wrote it) blew my feeble little mind back in the day, and it’s a great example of how games with imaginative sequences will always stand the test of time. (They’re also the ones that are easier to make comics about…)

Tiki’s shoes looked awesome, too.

I always wanted to play the PC Engine version. In fact I always wanted a PC Engine. What a cute little console it was! What an awesome little name it had! Shame it never came out here. I made do with the Master System version which was, like most Master System arcade conversions, way better than it should be.