If you’ve never played this then you really have missed something special.

For a side-scrolling action game, it really is very quiet. There’s long periods of quiet contemplation as Usagi walks along the Japanese countryside, occasionally encountering peasants, villagers and peaceful vistas. Most encounters with sword-wielding characters can be resolved by respectfully bowing or being the first to strike and then putting the sword away.

In fact, running around waving your sword about like a lunatic will get you killed very quickly. And if it’s a high score you want you’re better off giving your money to peasants which increases your Karma.

A game where the high score table is measured in good karma. And if your Karma score goes to zero, Usagi commits seppuku.  That’s cool as hell.

Whenever you encounter someone they will say something to you. One line that weirded us out was “If you see the Buddha on the road, kill him” which we could never understand. UNTIL NOW!