So, let me clear to my American readers: I’m not talking about your Bionic Commando.

There were two distinctly different Bionic Commandos. One is the one commonly known to American (and Japanese too, I should add) players as the NES game, with the map screen and the infiltration and whatnot. The other is the European conversion of the arcade original, with the awesome music and the great gameplay and the fun and the laughter and good times for all.

You can keep your NES version, I’m sticking with the C64 port which I loved dearly. I bought the NES remake for Xbox LIVE Arcade a year back and had no idea what the attraction was.

Oh, there was an American-made port of the arcade version released for the C64, and it was pretty much terrible. Avoid that one if you can.

Oh and the Amiga version was pretty terrible too, what a waste considering how arcade perfect it could have been.

The PC version was cack and I remember telling people not to buy it at the game stores I frequented. What an annoying prat I was!

So I guess what I’m saying is that I prefer the C64 version fo a game above all others, now there’s a shock.