One of the best football games ever made, and we used to hold makeshift World Cup tournaments with all the sixteen colours representing different countries in some weird logic that only kids really get.

This game also came bundled with the C64c that I got, and to my testament I resisted plugging it in for a whole two weeks while I tried to learn how to make my own games in BASIC. And now look where I am, so I guess those two weeks changed my life!

I ended up writing a text based strategy game called WAR (great title huh) that displayed some stats at the top of the screen indicating the health and population of your country, and that of five other countries. And you had the option of spending your turn healing your population, defending against an attack or sending a nuke over to another country. I even made a couple of copies of it and sold it around the school yard. That was neat.

It was kind of cool and definitely a foreshadowing of my annoying tendency to design over complicated metagames to wrap my regular games around. Ask me about the giant dynamic board game that was going to be the mission generator for the owl game we made sometime.