I don’t care what anyone says, Altered Beast was all sorts of awesome. I remember sneaking away from my grandmother’s place all the time because there was an Altered Beast machine at the corner store up the road. Oh and her going mental at me because I “broke” her TV by plugging a Master System into it one day.

Altered Beast > Grandmothers.

Anyway, I played the crap out of it in the arcade, and then it came out as a launch title on the MegaDrive. It was pretty damn good. I bought a MegaDrive just for that game because it had HUGE SPRITES and the guy went “GAAAAAAH!” when he transformed into a bear that shot fireballs.

Oh, almost forgot: before I bought my MegaDrive I got Altered Beast for the Master System. It was utter pants. No two player mode, the enemies moved around jerkily (I think they were character sprites?) and no “GAAAAAAH!” moment.

The Commodore 64 version was broken too.

Wow, I bought lots of copies of Altered Beast.