I hate this game.

Now, to be fair, it’s got nothing to do with the game mechanics (which are fun), the level layouts (which are complex enough to be meaty but not too long to be annoying), or the graphics (which are cute and colourful like all good video games should be).

No, I hate this game because every single time we started designing a new game some genius comes up and suggests we make a game with multiple player characters, each with unique abilities that can help each other out.

“You mean like The Lost Vikings?”, I would ask.

“YES! THAT GAME WAS AWESOME!” they excitedly reply while I smack my head on the desk again. From a design point of view, The Lost Vikings has not aged well at all, and remaking it today would be a one way ticket to Studio Shutsdownsville.

It got to the point where we factored in the time it’ll take to have “The Lost Vikings Conversation” into the game design document creation schedule. I’m looking forward to never having it again!