Aw man, Final Fight. I love this game to bits. Even though it’s a little bit less good than Streets of Rage.

My brother and I would play a lot of the arcade version down at the local video store. The manager was busy watching porn in the back room and stealing from the till so he didn’t mind that we were basically annoying everyone within earshot with ourselves narrating our progress through the game.

A local old guy in a wheelchair used to get drunk and come by to play the game with us. We called him Turbo. That was neat.

There is no doubt that Mike Haggar has some issues he needs to work out for himself, I wish him all the best.

The SNES version was crippled like Turbo, though. Did we really just accept that you couldn’t play in two player mode and that one of the main characters was missing? Wow, were we suckers desperate for a home version.