This was the first video game I got paid to review. It was a good feeling, telling my friends that I couldn’t spend the rest of the afternoon aimlessly loitering around the mall making store loss prevention officers follow us around by acting shifty and wearing overcoats because I have to go to the arcade to work now.

Thinking back on it now, how I managed to score a gig writing about Metal Slug in Australia’s version of TV Guide will always remain a mystery. Statistically it just shouldn’t have happened, and now here we are.

Anyway, I like Metal Slug quite a lot, and it’s the only game I have for my Neo Geo Pocket Color, which is just fine. The arcade version was just so over the top compared to the staid, small scale run and gun games of the day. Even something like Super Probotector on the SNES looked amateurish compared to those huge sprites, comical animations and speech by the bucketful that Metal Slug afforded you.

But yeah, it was always kinda creepy the way the P.O.W.’s were so eager to give you their underwear.