It’s OK if you don’t know Superfrog. There were a lot of games on the Amiga that tried to catch the ‘cute console characters’ craze that swept the scene shortly after the MegaDrive and SNES took off, and poor old Superfrog kind of got lost in the history books.

It certainly wasn’t a bad game, but it hasn’t aged well at all, and it definitely paled in comparison to the games that it was trying so hard to emulate. It was enough to keep Amiga owners who couldn’t afford to buy one of those expensive consoles happy enough, secure in the thought that if the graphics of their games just turned slightly anime-esque it would be enough to keep the machine alive. A year or two later it would all be over anyway, and the only Amiga games people really remember are the ones that were games designed for Amiga owners, not ones made to interest publishers who were trying to jump on the console bandwagon.

I’m sure some enterprising person out there will one day revive the franchise and update it for the modern gamer!