I’ve been pushing off doing a comic about Elite since pretty much the day I started making these. It’s the greatest video game of all time and I spent weeks trying to think of a comic that would show it the respect it deserves.

Then I remembered what a complete bitch the docking sequence was and just did this instead.

I can’t understate how much of a big deal Elite was. For the first time here was a game that didn’t have lives and levels and a big boss that you had to beat. You made your own way around the universe, exploring, fighting, trading, learning and seeing what happens based on how you interact with the game. It was the first “sandbox” game and we’ve spent the last thirty years trying to make something as groundbreaking since. It was the game that really made me think that there was more to video games than it first appeared.

The C64 version was the one I spent the most amount of time with, but I have to give special credit to the unofficial GBA homebrew version which pretty much lived permanently inside my handheld for a year or two.

Note to anyone at Frontier who may be reading this: I will do anything, anything, for Elite 4.

And I really mean anything.