G’day! This is Blow The Cartridge, a place ON THE INTERNET where you can read comics about old video games!

I really like old video games. There’s something about the anarchic nature of the industry back then that spawned some really weird games that just wouldn’t make it past the first round of focus testing today that is really inviting.

Being a huge fan of the Commodore 64 in particular it shouldn’t surprise you that there’ll be a lot of C64-themed comics in here, but that will change over time as YOU tell me what games you would like to see me make comics about. Just have your say in that poll over to the right, or drop me an email with your request!

My plan is to post a new comic every wedNESday, and then a blog post about something retro gaming related every SATURNday. If there’s something you’d like to hear my opinion about, or if you’re making something a bit retro-related, I’m all ears!