There’s a book that Desmond Hume in LOST keeps tightly bound on his bookshelf and he makes sure he never reads it. The reason being that he believes that it’ll be the last book he ever reads before he dies.

I feel the same way about Monkey Island 2.

This strange theory came about about….holy crap, has it been about 20 years already…when Monkey Island 2 came out. My brother and I were huge Monkey Island fans, having played, and replayed, and replayed the first one. I didn’t even know what Monkey Island was when I bought it, but the guy behind the counter practically shoved it down my throat and told me it would be the best $30 I would ever spend. Well, he was pretty much right except for Great Giana Sisters.

But for some reason, I never played through to the finish of Monkey Island 2. I got busy, other games started taking up my time, I started my career, I even held a girl’s hand once. Monkey Island 2 just got put to the bottom of my ‘to do’ list.

This has driven my brother mental. For the last 20-odd years he has been dying to talk to me about the ending of that game. I of course, don’t want to be spoiled, so we’ve had to avoid the subject. It’s like the giant elephant in the room that we can’t talk about and we’ve been making small talk ever since. I mean, I’ve tried to play the damn thing. I have it on pretty much every system I own now, through legal and not-so-legal methods.

It’s just gotten so ridiculous now that me not playing it has become some sort of joke. You know those movies where the cop tells his partner he’s retiring today, and you just know he’s going to die the moment he does? That’s Monkey Island 2 for me. It’s my last gaming challenge – the one classic game I still haven’t beaten and I’m going to get run over by a truck the moment I do.

Which makes me wonder why I bought it again on the iPhone…I’ll let you know how I go.