This game BLEW MY MIND when it came out. You could make buildings literally rise up out of the ground! You could see everything reflected in the water! It even had multiplayer, although it didn’t play like I made it in the comic today.

But it also had sterescopic mode.

You know those seeing eye pictures that you have to go cross-eyed a bit to get what the image was? Magic Carpet had a mode that let you play in that mode ALL THE TIME. I spent ages flying around in the game with my eyes twisted like pretzels just to see the 3D effect.

I wear glasses now.

They did a Saturn and PS1 conversion of this, and they were good, but you really needed to play this with a mouse and the Super VGA (SUPER!!) graphics and your eyes doing gymnastics until you get a headache ten minutes later.

Oh man, a 3DS version would be awesome!