OK so this is a bit of a cheat, but all this Arkham City talk this week has made me crave playing some old Batman games. Don’t you think it’s interesting how there’s never really been a bad Batman videogame, while most other superheroes have at least one giant Kryptonite-infused turd of a game to their name? I think it’s interesting, but I guess that explains why I don’t get out much.

My favourite Batman games are an equal tie between the 1988 Ocean Batman game on the C64, and the Amiga version of the 1989 Batman movie. The 1988 game was an original arcade adventure game of the era, with you (as Batman) exploring the Batcave and Gotham City collecting items, fighting bad guys and generally wondering why he couldn’t drive the Batmobile. One of its key graphical hooks was that it presented each room you went into as a separate comic panel that was laid on top of each other. It was a cool effect.

But hey speaking of the Batmobile, you got to drive that damn thing crazy fast on the Amiga. The C64 version of the 1989 movie game had side-scrolling Batmobile and Batwing sections, but the Amiga version presented those levels as a full on racing game that looked amaaaaaaazing. It was the basis for the Mega CD Batman game sections which also looked cool.

I remember liking the Sunsoft Batman game on the Game Boy, too.