Short version: It’s Daytona USA. What the hell are you waiting for? You should have already bought it by the time you read this!

Long version…actually, you know what, I think the short version pretty much covered everything. If you have ever walked into an arcade at any point in the last two decades then you have played Daytona USA. And if you’ve played it you know that you want this. Honestly, what’s stopping you from getting it? Unless you own a Daytona USA arcade cabinet or have built yourself a pretty nice PC emulation set up then this is about as close as you’re ever going to get to the real thing.

I remember the day Daytona USA arrived in the arcades. It was a two player set up and the thing was LOUD AS HELL. I didn’t start playing it straight away – I wanted to study it. Was everything texture mapped? How the hell did they do that cloud reflection thing on the windows? How many polygons was it throwing around the screen (I remember guessing 20,000, and trying to seem authorative on the subject even though to this day I wouldn’t have a clue on how many polygons there were on games I made, but it made me feel like I was a real games journalist)?

But man, sitting down in that machine felt great – especially the bit where you approached Sonic corner and you slammed the gearbox from fourth into first and then back again as you slid around the corner. When you pull it off right, there’s no feeling quite like it in video games.

And now it’s in your home on a nice big TV and you don’t need to worry about paying for each go or the moron who joins you and then just buggers about by going backwards and doesn’t take Daytona as seriously as you do. Multiplayer is awesome too but geez I wish there was a way to exclude mirror tracks because they really mess with my head.

If you have a wheel then it’s even better so I hear, but I’m playing it with a standard controller just fine. It’s only really a bother when I’m trying to make precise movements such as on the first banked corner of the Advanced track but nothing worth passing up on this game over.

Daytona was always one of those Moby Dick games – always out of reach for the home gamer. Yes, there was a Saturn version, and that was OK. I played it recently with a newly acquired Saturn steering wheel and that felt great, but the graphics were pretty average even for a Saturn and the handling was a bit loose for me. It’s cool how you can put the game into a CD player and listen to the music – it’s my commuting soundtrack of choice lately. There was a PC version back when 3D cards started becoming a thing and that was OK too, but, you know, comfy couch and all that. But now it’s really, really here. Get it! Maybe we’ll get Sega Rally next, not that Revo nonsense.

You know what I didn’t know until just the other day? The eyes in the billboard just as you approach Sonic corner? That’s Damon Hill! How cool is that. He had Sonic Spin tyres on his F1 car to make him go faster, you know.