Cool Spot! He may have just been a red dot to you, but he was the beginning of a new generation of games – ones that combined slick production values with the slimy world of advertising. I mean we paid actual cash money to watch a four hour advertisement for sugar water. How genius is that!

I liked this game enough when it came out, though it did bug me how large the main sprite was which meant a lot of the platforming was harder than it needed to be. No doubt some advertisement person balked at the idea of the Cool Spot being just a little red dot and insisted it take up, like, the whole screen, just like on TV. It ended up getting converted around the place, including the Amiga which was desperate for console style platformers towards the end of its commercial life.

Oh, and it was one of the earlier games by Dave Perry and Tommy Tallarico, so there you go trivia fans! GORGE ON MY KNOWLEDGE BUFFET.