BUBBLE BOBBLE. There isn’t anything you’re doing that’s more important than playing some Bubble Bobble,right now.

This was an absolute gem of a game from top to bottom. The cute graphics, the fun feeling of movement, the simple but depp mechanic of blowing bubbles, trapping enemies in bubbles and then popping them to get FRUIT.

Every game should have fruit as a collectable in it.

Plus you could use the bubbles as platforms, which was a cool trick, AND you could collect letters that made up the word E X T E N D. That is cool. More video games should have that in it. AND it has secret warps and bubbles that make you go on water rides.

It was converted to all sorts of things, but it was weird how the conversions got worse as time went on. The Master System, C64 and Amiga versions were just about perfect and are still to this day the best version. A little while ago there was a DS version and it was PANTS. How does that make sense?

Go play Bubble Bobble.