Yeah that’s right, I’m totally saying that Toad was the best character in Super Mario Kart. You know it, but you just can’t deal with it yet. That’s OK, I’ll be waiting on Battle Course 2 until you return.

The first Street Fighter game was absolutely terrible. I remember playing the arcade version with the giant pad and wondering how anyone was meant to play this monstrosity – the pad was srrounded by a harsh metal frame that looked like it would slice your hand off if your punch was slightly off – and the home conversions were laughably bad. We had International Karate + and that had three characters on screen, so it was BETTER.

Haven’t played Starcraft 2 yet. I would start playing it but, judging by how much the first game consumed my life, I would never have the time to make these comics any more. THIS IS THE SACRIFICE I MAKE FOR YOU!