So that’s where all the toasters came from! Why would anyone want all those toasters as a prize, anyway? Not to mention the truck load of VCRs. So much for this being a death sport of the death future.

Anyway Smash TV is one of the greatest video games of all time and if you disagree well there’s the door, pal. Eugene Jarvis worked on it and that should be enough to convince you of this fact. I absolutely adore it.

It’s also one of those rare arcade games that made the trip to home machines so well many people prefer them to the arcade original. The C64 version was a personal highlight to me – the sheer number of sprites on screen at once was an incredible sight on the humble 8-bit and kept the original’s speed and control system.

Most people will be more familiar with the Super Nintendo version, which is just about near as damn it Arcade Perfect (oh, those words meant a lot back then, it was the impossible dream) and is also cool because it was made in Australia by Beam Software! Yay Australia.