As much as I love Commodore’s gaming machines, there’s not a lot of nice words to be said about the games they made. Radar Ratrace is a pretty ordinary clone of Namco’s Rally X, except that you play as a mouse that gets cheese instead of a car that gets flags. Considering that Rally X wasn’t that great a game to begin with, and the ravages of time (30 freaking years ago!) haven’t been kind to the formula, Radar Ratrace is not a fun game today.

Still, it was…hmm, no, usually this is the bit where I find one or two nice things to say about a game I’m not fussed with, but I really can’t do it. It’s a pretty naff game. It was a bit funny how you left stars behind you that made rats twirl around, but that’s about it.

There was a VIC 20 version! I didn’t know that before I started doing research for this comic. It’s pretty much identical to the C64 one, but I’m far more forgiving of it since it was, well, you know, the VIC 20.