I don’t care what you say, Croc was a good game.

It was cute, it was colourful, and it was charming in a naive kind of way. The main character had a cute little waddle while he walked around the small 3D environments, and the platforming action was nicely done if a bit unoriginal. This was the era of Spyro, and Crash, and the dozens of games that looked at Super Mario 64 and said “yeah, we can do that too”. But I liked it, and it was by Argonaut who made Starglider 2 and Star Fox and are therefore absolved of all sins past and future. It went on to sell over four million copies, which is a pretty amazing thing, and there was even a Game Boy Color port which I haven’t played yet and didn’t even know about until I just read about it on Wikipedia.

Did you know Jez San, the head honcho of Argonaut, is now running one of the world’s biggest online poker sites? It’s true!