You’re never really given a reason why you’re meant to be destroying all these buildings, perhaps you’ve just been brainwashed so much by the cult leaders that it really doesn’t matter to you.

I really like this game a lot. Once you look past the technical wonder of the rotating tower – it spins around in a manner that just shouldn’t be possible on the 8-bits – there’s a solid and inventive platform game to be discovered. The weird little green thing proves himself an adept character, jumping around the place and shooting ping pong balls at random weird shapes as he makes his way to the top. Hidden short cuts, secret elevators and multiple paths literally around the corner make each level a joy to explore.

Of course most of my time was spent with the C64 version, which I thought was just lovely with all the special effects in the regular levels and the bonus shoot ’em up stages, but the Amiga version had its own charm and also for some strange reason blue domes on note of the buildings that I used here in the comic.

Did you know there was a GameBoy version? Neither did I until I took it upon myself to play every GameBoy game EVER one day. It was called Tower Toppler which I guess is amore literal but less silly name. It was also pretty good but man the GameBoy was not a pretty system.