Back when I first started doing silly comics about old video games, like, two freaking years ago, my pal Ant asked for a Psi 5 Trading Company comic. Ant’s a good guy, he loves his retro games and he even did the little drawing of me that’s on all my posts! But for the life of me I couldn’t crack this case. I never played it THAT much and would always get distracted by talking about how great Bubble Bobble is. But now it’s done!

And I don’t really have much to say about Psi 5 Trading Company, except that it was by Accolade who is a game developer that seems to have been forgotten by the history books. It’s weird because pretty much every game of theirs was fantastic. They made Test Drive! Yeah you kids love your Test Drive games these days. Well Accolade started that. They also did a fantastic interactive comic book called Accolade’s Comics which has been pretty much forgotten about completely. I really need to make a comic about…uh, that comic. Hmm.

Oh yeah their main programmer is now the guy in charge of all things Xbox. How freakin’ weird is that?