Today’s comic is about the rather brilliant Commodore 64 shoot ’em up series Cops by Alf Yngve. Never heard of them, well he’s never heard of you, buster. So go play his games!

Cops was created using a (somewhat modified) Commodore 64 utility called the Shoot ‘Em Up Construction Kit by Sensible Software. Yes, that Sensible Software. With it you (YOU!) could make your own computer games! That was a pretty mind blowing concept in 1987 when making your computer do anything besides load up a game was a pretty Herculean task. Thankfully it was a pretty fun little tool that gave thousands of people around the world a chance to make their own game. Some of us (like me) just ended up tooling around with it and never finishing anything (I think the furthest I got was a Smash TV-esque game where you shot Lemmings because that game bugged me a lot at the time…I think only a room or two got completed before I got bored with the idea) but some people like Alf have turned SEUCK creation into an art. The new Cops game is coming soon to the C64 and I can’t wait to see it…but the original game was released on a Zzap! 64 cover tape so it still counts as retro 🙂

One thing you couldn’t really do on SEUCK was have intelligent enemies…as shown in the comic. Oh well I’m sure Sensible are working on a new version….right?