This was basically Decathlon with a military theme, and like Decathlon it left a long trail of broken joysticks in its wake. I would also recommend the method of taking the joystick apart and wiring buttons to the left and right inputs so you could hit them a lot easier. Remember when you could take joysticks apart and not have to worry that they cost more than a game? Good times.

The end of this game made no sense. After all the training you get sent into a real combat situation to rescue someone and you have to fight some evil dude. Thankfully you can jump twenty feet in the air and kick him in the head repeatedly for NO GOOD REASON BUT HEY VIDEOGAMES.

Anyway! I didn’t really like this game much, but I adored the title screen music on the C64 version, and recently played the arcade version which was purposely designed to rob you blind. And people say modern video games have no ethics, at least you can play them for more then 30 seconds without being asked for more money.