Who says movie license games suck? Oh yeah, lazy game reviewers. Anyway! Ghostbusters the game was actually pretty bloody good.

It had an original premise that got around the lack of real actor likenesses – you start the game by buying a local franchise (after ‘connecting’ to a bank server to authorise the funds – this actually fooled me when I first played it!) and set up a Ghostbusters house in your local city. You drive around scooping up ghosts, buying new equipment and trying to catch Slimers who are annoying the neighbours. Even the Marshmallow Man turns up and you get to cross the streams to shut down Gozer.

But most importantly, if you hit the space bar on the title screen, it shouted “GHOSTBUSTERS!”. I spent aaaaaages trying to press the space bar at the right time while the title screen music played so it yelled out the name at the right time.

There were other Ghostbusters games since the original, but none had that essential gameplay feature of being able to make the machine yell out “GHOSTBUSTERS!” every time you pressed a button.