This was a really misunderstood game, mostly because it wasn’t really a game as it was a gimmicky way for Nintendo to sell a mouse to people who play console games.

There was a neat little game where you had to swat flies, I remember that was pretty neat. They used that game a lot on a local kids game show and every single kid was bloody useless at it, what crap kids! You’re kids, you’re supposed to be totally awesome at all video games.

I seem to remember that the mouse was used in a couple of games, all of which were conversions of popular Amiga / PC games – Sim City (or was it Sim City 2000?), Populous and Cannon Fodder. So it wasn’t a complete waste of time, but considering the mouse was the cost of a new game it was a tough thing to sell.

Man! Can you just imagine how neat it would be if Microsoft sold a mouse for the Xbox 360? You’d finally be able to play first person shooters properly, hur hur hur.

At the end of the day though, it was neat to be able to draw things onto a screen, though these days the idea of drawing with a mouse is just plain weird.