This game. This insanely fantastic game.

We played this obsessively. On the C64. On the PC. On the Super Nintendo. If we could find a version of Sim City we played the ever loving crap out of it. When we couldn’t play it on a computer or console we “played” it on paper. It was an all-consuming force of nature.

The Super Nintendo version was particularly awesome, and also infuriatingly hard to find at retail, so we resorted to renting a copy every weekend and playing it until the very minute we had to return it on the Sunday night. I remember being GUTTED one weekend when we plugged it into the SNES and found some MORON had erased our meticulously constructed town on the cartridge. Agh.

Remember renting games from the local video store? Remember when that was a thing?

Years and years and years we played this, and the deluxe version on PC with cool little graphic modifications that set the game in the wild west, until we had exhausted every drop of gameplay sweat out of it.

And it was glorious.

And then Sim City 2000 came out…