This is the game that convinced me that the PlayStation was a freaking BEAST and really represented something new in the way we played games. I mean, futuristic racers have been done before but the presentation was incredible.

I remember listening to the game disc in my snazzy new portable CD player even before I owned a PlayStation – how great was it was that you could listen to the game’s music in a regular CD player?

I remember playing the game for half an hour once I got a PlayStation, then rushing up to the store to buy a NeGcon for better control.

I remember instantly deciding that the NeGcon was the greatest God damn controller ever invented in the history of mankind and to hell with anyone who says otherwise now and in the future.

I remember thinking how important it was to spell the game like wip’Eout” because that looked cool.

I remember the speed and the difficulty and feeling like this was a video game that didn’t look like anything else.

I remember playing the N64 version and thinking it was neat that enemies shot each other instead of just me.

And fifteen years later, I remember still being so damn angry that Sony closed down the studio that made it. Idiots.

Go play some wip’Eout” tonight.