YES now this is a game I can completely get behind.

I distinctly remember the day this game came out. A couple of us were around a friend’s house because he had the 28.8k modem which was just stupidly fast compared to the 14.4k dinosaur relic I was sporting at the time, and the Descent demo was making its way around all the BBSs. The guys were huddled around the computer watching the ZMODEM progress bar while a girl who hung out with us a lot sat around the living room.

“Gazuuuuntaaaaa”, she purred out from around the hallway, “I’m boooooored. Come give me a massage”.

Now I was what, 16 at the time, what the hell did I know about massages, but the download was at 40%, so I said sure and fumbled around this young woman for like ten minutes. That was weird, but fun, but mostly weird. I could hear that the game had finished downloading and installing because the noises. Man, the noises that Descent made. What a great way to show off that fancy new Soundblaster.

“Zuuuuunta, the game is too LOUD, I think I’ll go into the bedroom where it’s…nice and quiet”, she coyly smiled at me.

“OK, sure, sounds good”, I said as I walked back over to the computer to see what Descent was like.

I STAND BY MY LIFE CHOICES, DESCENT WAS BLOODY AWESOME. I even played it with the keyboard like a real man!