I was going to do some lame joke about the DK rap, but thought something a bit more personal would be interesting.

I have another story about this game! This was the very first game I bought online. We were starting a store on the site I was writing for back in the day, which back in 1999 was an idea not everyone was getting behind. I ordered this game because I needed to test the store software, and I knew I needed that packed-in memory pack for Perfect Dark…oh and hey, yellow cartridge, how can you go wrong?

Man, did we get a LOT of flak from the local game distribution companies once they found out what we were doing. They screamed blue murder because we were an ‘unlicensed distributor of their games’, which was just completely bogus thanks to the parallel import legislation changes a few years prior, and then they told us they were going to sue us and remove advertising (they didn’t do either). Eat it, you pack of vultures!

Oh yeah there was no Cranky Kong in this WHAT THE HELL.