The first thing I noticed about this game when I saw it in the arcades was that it had a really weird control system – instead of a joystick to control which direction you fired in it had this…disc thing…and you spun it around to make your character swivel around. I think I spent most of my time just seeing how fast I could make the damn thing spin while I tried to make the buff space soldier dude do some kind of The Last Starfighter-style Death Blossom attack which never worked.

The next and most important thing is that the currency in the game were called Zennys. That is a neat name for a currency. If I ever become Prime Minister of Australia I have decided I will do two things on my first day.

1) Change our currency to Zennys

2) Hand complete control of the country over to Google and go bugger off to the beach or something.

Anyway! The home conversions were OK. I played the C64 one a lot and didn’t notice until recently it was only, like, half the game. I skipped school one day to sneak into the local video store and rent the Master System version, which was pretty terrible, but you got to give ’em points for trying! And shame on the staff of the video store for not even blinking when a kid in school uniform came in on a Wednesday morning to rent Forgotten Worlds.