OK, honesty corner time, people: I had such a crush on Laverne from this game. She was my kinda gal! OK she was completely crazy, but that was my kind of gal back then. Yikes, good thing that fad ended after a decade or so.

Day of the Tentacle, this was a hard comic to do because how do you parody one of the funniest games ever made? You really can’t, so I just went left of the story and figured that’s what he’d be doing if the story happened today. We were all so much more active before the Internet!

Man, I remember the day my parents bought me a Soundblaster Pro – a 16 bit soundcard for my PC with one digital channel! All of a sudden my pirated copy of Day of the Tentacle could TALK! I still have the entire intro memorized. My parents thought the voices came from inside the card but I had to explain that it was in the game and they said they didn’t ever really understand this stupid video game hobby of mine anyway, and who can blame them this stuff is weird as all hell.

Oh yeah great game. We named one of our friends Hoagie after this game. I think it hurt him a bit on the inside, but we were too busy being insensitive jerks to notice. Oops!