THIS GAME. You know how they have these big fighting game tournaments called Evo where they play Street Fighter 4, the new Mortal Kombat and whatever the latest King Of Fighters that SNK spit out? I want to make a retrogaming-themed fighting game tournament called REVO and you can play International Karate Plus and maybe some Barbarian and hey why not let’s do some Clay Fighters while we’re at it.

Anyway, this is a spectacular fighting game with a unique twist that hasn’t been done right since – instead of it being a one-on-one fighter it’s two-on-one, with the computer taking control of the third fighter. No special attacks, no juggles or combos, just strategy and reflexes and one of the best soundtracks to grace your lucky little ears.


The C64 version was fantastic but holy cheese-whiz the Amiga version was something else. Sampled gongs and grunts, more little touches in the background (you can make little Pac-men appear!) and just more visual loveliness. I did think it was weird that all the fighters were missing their sleeves. These are the things I think about at night!

This comic was originally going to be about how you can make all the fighter’s pants fall down, but I thought that would be too obvious, but since when did that stop me?