Man, there’s so many parts of this game I could have made a comic around, but in the end I had to go with the powerup that doesn’t actually appear to do anything. What is that bird thing meant to do, anyway? I don’t get it and anyone who says they do is a rotten stinking liar.

I was thinking of doing a comic about the giant robot monkey, that poor thing just sat around in a cave for years waiting for someone to destroy him. There was also the weird Russian parliament that hastily assembled itself into a giant snake robot. I mean, was that part of their election campaign that they could do that? I also toyed with the idea of doing it about my favourite moment in the game, and one of my favourite gaming moments ever, the bit where you’re running down the ice mountain and you just jump in the air and for a second – a tiny blissful second – you’re just floating in the air with no ground beneath you, and it’s lovely. Of course if you like that you can play Ski Safari on iOS because it’s basically an entire game about that moment.

I paid $80 for the MegaDrive version of Strider, and finished it in a day, and quickly learned not to buy games on a whim any more.