Man. Street Fighter 2 meant the world to me, and still does, but I really can’t put it much better than why than the comic I did about it. Give it a read! Sorry if it’s too long for some people, but hey.

The Super Nintendo version of Street Fighter 2 was the first version I bought, but it was by no means the last. Beyond the sequels and updates I also bought the poor Game Boy version and the woeful Commodore 64 version of World Warrior.

How bad was it? It was THIS BAD:

But I still played it, desperate for a home computer version. There was also the pirated PC version that was this weird mish-mash of arcade graphic dumps with original code and it came on like 8 disks and you smashed the space bar all night.

But man, the Super Nintendo version version was perfect. Even when it had the PAL slowdown and borders I still played it all the time. I’m going to play it now!

And Ryu is the best character, people. Fact!