This along with Starglider 2, heralded the age of filled polygon games on the Amiga and Atari ST that not only looked amazing but had a solid gameplay hook to keep you interested in the long term. It was a really nicely balanced strategy game of taking over nodes, using resources and taking control of individual units, although I think most people just played to whiz the camera around a 3D object.

Whizzing the camera around a 3D object was a pretty mind blowing thing back then.

The Commodore 64 version was absolute rubbish. I wouldn’t have minded the 2D presentation if the control system wasn’t stuck to the mouse and icon paradigm that the 16 bit version required, which was a waste on a version that only supported a joystick.

Hey! There was an official remake of this that came out last year. I helped organise the Australian release of it and enjoyed the pre-release builds, but there was some FPS bit in it apparently? blah. Why do they have to add stuff that doesn’t belong to everything?