A lot of people have been telling me about the Atari Breakout thing over the past day or two, so I thought I’d do a comic about it.

I played a lot of Breakout on the Atari back in the day, but it was always more of a tech demo to me than anything else, and it was really a tech demo about the paddle controller. It felt good to spin that sucker around and it felt a lot freer than the 8-way joysticks of the time.

The neat trivia point about Atari Breakout is that Steve Jobs and Stev Wozniack worked on it, which ranks pretty high on my list of great things that have come from Atari.

OK it’s not a very long list I have to admit.

Super Breakout on the Atari 2600 was pretty good though! I liked the progression mode where you worked your way through consecutive layers of bricks.

Oh! The box art was pretty stupid. Astronauts and stuff. I feel bad for the poor Atari 2600 box artists that had to make abstract games into actual things that you can recognise on a shelf. Hey, remember shelves?