This is the bit where I usually tell a personal story to go along with the game I’m making a comic about, but I think the comic kind of covers all that.

I was probably being a bit too harsh on the game, though. It was incredibly pretty, and bright and colourful, and there was a bit of depth in there as you tried to collect all the Chaos Emeralds. The first time I unlocked Super Sonic, man, that was really something.

I remember spending a lot of time with the debug mode, editing levels and mucking around with placing enemies all over the place. I wish more games had an edit mode, but knowing how completely broken most games internal editors are it’s not surprising it’s not commonplace.

And how about that Blast Processing? We talked about it like it was an actual thing. All it really ended up meaning was that they stopped updating the background layers when Sonic went super fast, because the MegaDrive wasn’t thaaaat good at smooth scrolling with lots of parallax layers going on.

It’s cool to bash on Sonic these days…but there’s nothing as cool as the first time you jammed the cartridge in, turned the power on and heard that SEEEEEGAAAAA! You knew you were in for a ride.