OK, I’m going to have to plead a small level of ignorance here. I know how highly this game is rated, and I bought it on PlayStation as soon as I saw a copy because I knew it was a big deal.

But man it just never clicked with me for some reason.

I think, looking back on it, it had nothing to do with the gameplay or the visuals, both of which were right up my alley. It was more to do with how intimidated I was by it all. I remember being told about how hard it was, and how long it’ll take to complete, and that getting 100% completion was just the beginning and there was like 212% completion needed to really say you’ve beaten it and you became a wolf or something and then the map went upside down and it was all just too much work.

Thinking back I think this is the first game that the Internet spoiled for me before I could even get to play it.

Tell me folks, should I give it another shot?