(OK, I fibbed a bit, there are tons of great ideas to be used about the great game Joust but I kind of got stuck trying to draw them all in and ended up not being able to pick something…so the venerable Mister J got me out of a jam by writing this. Thanks, J!)

Joust is a fantastic game. It really is. And it’s not just nostalgia talking, I mean it still really holds up to this day. The feeling of inertia and gravity is second to none in platformers.

I played a ton of this on the Atari 2600. It was a really deep game, with lots of different levels and a great difficulty curve that kept me coming back for more. There was also a great two player competitive mode that my sister and I used to play, but the poor girl never realised I had a joystick with autofire and so was able to permanently place myself on top of the screen. If you’re reading this now, sorry sis!

I’d really love to see a modern remake of this in some form…but I guess it would be hard to improve on a classic.