Thanks to everyone who’s waited patiently for this one! It’s super late and I want to get some sleep but yes, this happened and at the time the local police were in all sorts of trouble for being a bunch of corrupt cowboys so they decided to let us go, especially since they were having a go at one of the junior officers for discharging his weapon when he shouldn’t have.

Anyway, good times! God damn I love Street Fighter, and Turbo was amazing, and I still have a callus on my hand from playing it every damn day for ages.

Oh the MegaDrive version was OK I guess but c’mon seriously people the SNES version of Street Fighter 2 Turbo was where it’s at and you know it, it’s OK now to admit it guys.

(By the way, if you’re curious about what happened the day I bought Street Fighter 2: World Warrior for Super Nintendo, you can read the comic about that crazy day here!)