The greatest version of Street Fighter 2 is also the fastest, unless you played the Amiga version which er wasn’t exactly known for its speed.

But seriously folks speed is a serious problem in games just watch that episode of Family Ties where Michael J. Fox pops pills and spends all night painting his neighbor’s garage it really makes you think huh.

Anyway! I remember being very excited about the 3DO because it had Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, which would of course be better than Super Street Fighter 2 because it had an extra word in the title. Then it came out for PlayStation and that was pretty much the end of the 3DO oh well.

The Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3 remix of this is fantastic, and gave me another chance to buy this game again which is something I never go past.

But seriously of all the machines it could have been converted to, the Amiga?