The comic about the game about comics! When you think about it, Comix Zone had a really weird idea of what being a comic artist was like. Maybe it was a ’90s thing.

I mean, check out what this game supposes an average comic book artist looks like:


Check out those pecs! Those cool glasses and pony tail combo! That sleeveless leather jacket. Yep, seems about right.

And what kind of moron puts his soda can at the top of the drawing board? Dude is just asking for his art to be ruined the moment his pet rat knocks it over.

For those who don’t know it’s about a comic artist who, through the magic of his drawing board getting hit by lightning, gets sucked into the world of the comic he was creating. What a novel idea! As you can see I would be hopeless in this situation.

Comix Zone is a really nice game though. It’s hard, but man, the art is fantastic in that Image comics from the mid ’90s kind of way that we all secretly enjoyed while pretending to be more interested in something more high brow.