I want you to think about how weird the ’80s were for video games. So weird that a game called Tongue of the Fatman could be made, and then sold, and then bought. What the hell was everyone thinking? Then again this was the decade that brought us Max Headroom, Devo and day-glo neon socks so who knows what was going on.

Hey, my day-glo neon socks were tubular.

Anyway! Tongue of the Fatman came out on PC and MegaDrive, and both versions are equally terrible in their own unique way. The PC version had clunky, poorly animated characters but at least the game had a lot of character in that post-apocalyptic dark future kind of way. The MegaDrive one was cuter, but lacked much charm. Either way, the game sucked as a one-on-one fighter although it was nice how there were lots of characters to try out – something made more popular with Street Fighter 2 a few years later – and you could bet on how long it would take to win the match.

And the PC version has this lovely graphic! YUM.