I love, love, love The Simpsons. Yes, I can already hear you say the show sucks now. I don’t care. Yeah yeah the first ten seasons are the best, I don’t care. All the guest stars these days suck. I DON’T CARE. The Simpsons is my soul food. It’s my happy place. Homer Simpson is my life role model. Don’t harsh on my buzz, man.

Seriously, my idea of a perfect day is to play some Super Nintendo, draw some comics, drink chocolate milk and watch The Simpsons Channel. It sucks that there’s no such thing as The Simpsons Channel yet. I’d pay good money for that, damn it. Every time the wife hands me the TV remote I just do a quick scan of the channels to see if there’s The Simpsons on, and then hand it back to her when there isn’t any. It’s all I want to watch.  DON’T SEND HELP I’M FINE.

Anyway this was a great game! It was basically Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles but with Simpsons characters, or at least wonky approximations of them based on the first series designs that weren’t entirely consistent. The action is pretty repetitive but man, it’s The Simpsons, don’t pretend you’re too good for this.

I loved it in the arcade, but then (oh man!) they ported it to the Commodore 64! THIS IS SERIOUSLY THE BEST OF ALL MY WORLDS. Check it out!