Nintendo’s Super FX-powered racing game came out (at least in my territory) the same month that Sega brought out Virtrua Racing for the MegaDrive – and there couldn’t be a bigger difference between the two.

For one thing, the visuals in Stunt Race FX are far more appealing. Not only is there a smidge more detail in the vehicles, and the occasional bit of texture mapping here and there – but there is so much charm in everything! It helps that all the vehicles have cute googly eyes and bounce around the track like they’re full of invisible elastic bands, but the tracks are also fantastic. Under water tunnels through an aquarium! Misty forests! Mountains with falling boulders! A futuristic city scape with Arwings! So much better than three variations of a race track.

Speaking of which there are so many tracks on offer it will good while to get good at all of them, so that was a nice bit of value for money. Oh and speaking of which again, the game was like half the price of Virtua Racing (TWO HUNDRED FREAKING DOLLARS SEGA AUSTRALIA YOU THIEVING BASTARDS) so it made it such a no brainer.

I also loved the way the cars broke apart when they got into crashes, but that might have unintended consequences…

The day I bought this game I also bought You Am I’s amazing album Hi-Fi Way, and listened to it on loop for days while I stayed in my room playing Stunt Race FX over and over.  They’re intertwined for me so much that I can’t actually remember the game’s soundtrack, just Hi-Fi Way. Good times!

Nintendo, I would really like a sequel to this one!