Bart Simpson Vs. The Space Mutants taught me a very valuable lesson about not trusting the quality of a game just because you like the license.

I mean, this game is OK, sorta, I guess, maybe, but it’s not as good as a Simpsons game could be. And it was really stupidly hard!

There was also a dumb plot. So aliens invade Springfield and Bart has to…make things not purple, or steal hats, or whatever, which makes no sense, and has nothing really to do with the show, and I guess it was made during that period where Fox was merchandising the crap out of the show but nobody really knew what The Simpsons actually was.

Oh! Trivia time. David Crane worked on this game too. He made Pitfall and A Boy And His Blob, and I think he’s just great. So all is forgiven!